WIELKOPOLSKA GRUPA PRODUCENTÓW OWOCÓW FRUCTIS SPÓŁKA Z O.O. is engaged in organic growing of fruit for direct production, as well as for industrial purposes. Our main products are apples, both dessert and those prepared directly for industrial purposes.

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Our fruit, your health!:)

We know perfectly well that fresh fruits have a very important role in the diet of every person. We also understand how important it is that what you eat is of the highest quality. Our group, consisting of six experienced fruit-orchard growers gives you the confidence that fruit and preparations made from them, which land on your table, are produced according to the highest standards. See what we can offer you!

The Group has completed the construction of a cold storage and sorting building for fruit in Wierzbie, and has also modernized the existing object in Czołowo, Radziejów municipality. The Group has facilities for storing approx. 3,000 tonnes of fruit in refrigerated rooms with a controlled atmosphere. In addition, the Group built a social and office building with an area of approx. 300 m2. 

wielkopolska grupa producentów owoców

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WIERZBIE 31 62-610 SOMPOLNO, woj. Wielkopolskie tel. 63 220-52-27 fax. 63 220-52-24

NIP: 665-297-26-37 REGON: 301745537 KRS: 0000386714


Food safety standard not processed for agricultural producers.

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