The Group's investments are co-financed by the European Union, which enables to adjust the quality of the product to the highest standards existing in the Member States of the European Union.


Date of founding and history of the Group's activity:

Wielkopolska Grupa Producentów Owoców Fructis Sp. z o.o. was founded on 11.05.2011 by the signing of a Notarial Deed invoking a Company that meets the conditions of operation of Producer Groups specified in relevant national and EU documents - a copy of the notarial deed has been submitted to ARiMR.


On 20.05.2011 the District Court in Poznań, Commercial Division of the National Court Register entered the Company to the National Court Register under the number 0000386714.


The year 2011 is the first year of activity of the Company that brings together 5 fruit growers. Produced are the fruits: apples, pears, cherries, plums and aronia.


In the year preceding the submission of the application for initial recognition of the group (01.01.2010-31.12.2010) the value of products produced by the Group's members amounted to 1,458,540.00 PLN, according to the exchange rate of the European Central Bank of 31.12.2009, i.e. the last month preceding the beginning of the reference period, amounting to 4.1045 PLN, the amount exceeds the Polish currency's equivalent of 50,000 EUR (it amounts to 355,351.44 EUR). This complies with the requirement for preliminary recognition in respect to the minimum amount of commodity production, referred to in §1 point 3 of the ordinance of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of 16 December 2008 on the terms of preliminary recognition of groups of fruit and vegetable growers, recognizing an organization of producers

of fruit and vegetables and the conditions and requirements that should be fulfilled by plans attaining recognition (Journal of Laws No. 5 of 2009, item 27).


At the same time, the above sales value is a fulfillment of the requirement of recognition, in this regard, referred to in §3 excerpt 1 point 2 of the aforementioned ordinance for the equivalent to the Polish currency 100,000 EUR.

The current share capital of the Company amounts to 1005,000 PLN - paid in full.


WIELKOPOLSKA GRUPA PRODUCENTÓW OWOCÓW FRUCTIS SPÓŁKA Z O.O. is a company consisting of six members who are orchard farmers with a long tradition. The origins of fruit production of our members go back to the fifties of the last century. Initially, due to the small size of farms, cultivation was used mainly for own needs, and only small amounts went to the bazaars and markets in the nearby city. The Group Members had bold plans, which, step by step, they realized. When possible, they bought land surrounding their farms and expanded the scale of their activities. They began working with fruit processing plants, which enabled even more dynamic development. As their farms developed, the present members of the group decided to combine their productive forces and create a single entity representing all its members and concentrating on the production capacity of its farms in order to obtain a uniform - highest quality product and greater competitiveness on the local market and not only. WIELKOPOLSKA GRUPA PRODUCENTÓW OWOCÓW FRUCTIS SPÓŁKA Z O.O. currently operates in this form. However, we have not rested on our laurels. We are constantly monitoring the quality of our production, implementing technological improvements and we plan to be present at the biggest agricultural trade fairs to present our products, as well as seek new, eco-friendly solutions that we can implement for our customers' greater satisfaction.


Currently, we have completed the construction of the new headquarters of the company and creation of the most modern storage for the produced products, as well as preparing them for sale by using the latest technological possibilities.

wielkopolska grupa producentów owoców

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WIERZBIE 31 62-610 SOMPOLNO, woj. Wielkopolskie tel. 63 220-52-27 fax. 63 220-52-24

NIP: 665-297-26-37 REGON: 301745537 KRS: 0000386714


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